TRM Transformation | Jeremy Butler

MOVE RIGHT | by TIM ROBARDS | 18 Aug '16

"Joining TRM was the best thing I ever did." Jezza

"This is not a 'before and after', it's a 'then and now', because I'm not done yet. Two years of The Robards Method and a clean(ish) diet is all it took. The older I get at 33, the better I feel. I hope my body thanks me for all my hard work"

Jezza is the first TRM member to move through to the highest level on the method and he's more motivated than ever before!



THINK BETTER | 18 Apr '17
How to recover if you went overboard this long weekend
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One to many chocolate bunnies (or tequilas) this long weekend? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Follow these 4 steps to get back on track with your healthy habits and regain control of your fitness and diet goals.
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How to master your chocolate cravings this Easter
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Should I train if I’m sore from the day before?
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Super-clean, homemade fish and chips
by Tim Robards
What a combo! Fresh, almond, quinoa crusted fish packed with essential omega 3-fatty acids and protein, paired with delicious, healthy, roasted homemade veggie chips. A Sunday arvo, winner!

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