SBC 2017 winner takes her once in a lifetime trip

MOVE RIGHT | by TIM ROBARDS | 03 Apr '19

We catch up with Katia after her whirlwind trip to South Africa

EAT SMART | 13 Jun '19
Delicious Immune Boosting Smoothie
by Tim Robards
The colder weather often means a higher chance of getting sick. Give your immune system a natural boost with delicious in-season fruit and veg.
THINK BETTER | 25 Jan '19
Music as Motivation
by Tim Robards
Try this to improve the quality of your workout
EAT SMART | 31 Dec '18
'Tis the Season
by Tim Robards
Comfort food made healthy! With a few smart swaps, enjoy a festive style treat while still keeping within your 721 plan.
THINK BETTER | 11 Dec '18
Festive Season Hacks
by Tim Robards
The festive season doesn't need be the undoing of all of your hard work. With a little forward planning and a few clever hacks, make it through to the New Year with your fitness goals still intact.
MOVE RIGHT | 29 Nov '18
RESULTS = Consistency > Perfection
by Tim Robards
We catch up with long standing TRM member, Belinda Buckley
MOVE RIGHT | 20 Nov '18
Keeping fit on holiday
by Tim Robards
Got a big trip planned but worried about your health and fitness goals going out the window?
MOVE RIGHT | 30 Oct '18
Katia shares her SBC winning formula
by Tim Robards
We catch up with last year's #TRMSBC winner
EAT SMART | 24 Oct '18
Leftovers Brekky Bowl
by Tim Robards
You will be surprised how good this tastes!

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