The best way to refuel post-workout

EAT SMART | by TIM ROBARDS | 26 Jun '17

The post-workout meal is the most important for anyone looking to build muscle, lose fat and ensure your body recovers and functions correctly. A nutrient dense meal with proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins is essential in replacing all that was expended during your training session.

MOVE RIGHT | 21 Jun '17
How to build muscle with bodyweight
by Tim Robards
Many of us believe that bodyweight exercises aren't very effective when it comes to building muscle. This is usually because, you’re doing it all wrong!
EAT SMART | 19 Jun '17
Step away from the phone : how technology is damaging your health
by Tim Robards
Put simply, the devices we use so much of everyday… tablets, smartphones, laptops are forcing us to look down and making us look like the neanderthal man we have previously evolved from.
EAT SMART | 13 Jun '17
Spice up your mornings with Huevos Rancheros!
by Tim Robards
This Mexican-inspired dish is packed with flavour and nutrients.?The spice from paprika and chilli can help to boost the metabolism. Chilli powder is a good source of vitamin C, and stimulates the release of endorphins which are our natural painkillers!
| 09 Jun '17
Where do I start ? We breakdown the different TRM Levels
by Tim Robards
From those completely new to exercise to those who have been training for years, how can one program be suited for every fitness level?
THINK BETTER | 06 Jun '17
Is your significant other making you fat?
by Tim Robards
In my opinion; there are five main reasons that couples tend to let themselves go after getting cosy. Here are my tips to avoid it.
THINK BETTER | 22 May '17
Avoid the winter coat
by Tim Robards
As the cooler months roll in, our motivation to maintain how we look and feel tends to fall by the wayside. Here are my top tips to stop your mind and body from falling victim to the comfort of your winter clothes.
MOVE RIGHT | 20 May '17
The exercise that will change your life!
by Tim Robards
If your 9-5 is forcing you into a seated position for most of your day, this simple yet extremely effective TRM exercise will do your entire mind and body wonders! Combat the negative effects of hours seated slumped over a screen with, The Wall Angel.
EAT SMART | 18 May '17
These 9 tips will help you make healthy choices when eating out
Dining out doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. Nutrition is all about balance and nourishing yourself with real food. Here’s some healthy tips to look out for when dining out that won’t sabotage your diet or social life.

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